About the Author

Mario Ferrante

Mario is a singer, composer, writer and artist, along with maintaining a career in business. He holds a BA in Music, an MA in Music Performance and an MBA in business management. He worked for 20 years in several executive business positions. His book, "So You Want My Handicapped Parking Place?" is a candid, yet humorous view of life in a wheelchair, before and after the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contacting the polio virus as a baby, Mario lost the use of his legs. His journey into the arts led him into creating a new art form to accommodate the fact he could no longer use his shoulders to paint. “Crushed Impressionism” is the name of the new art form where 300 pounds of pressure is applied to the canvas from the wheels of a wheelchair. The first 25 paintings of “Crushed Impressionism” are shown here.


Lake Avenue Church Pasadena with guest soloist Mario Ferrante singing "Holy, Thou Art Holy".

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